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Lille Diane aka Woodstock Lily

Oh my I've found my litter mate in loving curbside finds with matching garages... LOL My eyes are honed into finding wonderful trashed items & garage sale signs. My awesome hubby, Superman, stops at any I ask him to & will make roadside stops for me, too. See why I call him Superman???

I actually brought 3 wooden chairs from CA to OH 12 years ago. I had them for approx 5 yrs before I moved. Ummmm they're still sitting in my garage with a couple more friends that need some paint. I have checked off a few other pieces on my creative to-do list. These chairs are patiently waiting their turn. This winter I will make them sparkle. Thank you for inspiring me.

Love your blog. I'll be back, Laura~

Coleen Franks

Nice work Laura. Encourages me to get going on some of my such projects. I too am a roadside fanatic. You post helps bring us out of the closet.

Coleen, an American experiencing life from Ukraine

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