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Patty Lewis

Laura, we love Frasier too (it is on right now!). I never watched it much when it was new, but I've seen every episode a couple times over now. I actually bought the entire series off eBay a couple years ago.

Love Seattle too, we've been there on vacation the past two years and will go back again sometime. The only bad thing is, we have been there in the summer and it doesn't rain :( I've lived in Phoenix all my life, I love it when it rains on vacations.


I found your lovely post on Facebook. I love Frasier, as well, and Seattle is my absolute favorite city in the US. I have been there every spring for the past 6 years attending Artfest. I loved the pictures and felt a sense of familiarilty, having seen a lot of the scenes (I swear I have seen that guy playing the guitar every year! LOL). Thanks for the great post. I'm planning an Artfest post this weekend. Come visit my blog if you get time! xoxo


I don't know who "D" is (the name on my post! Haha!). I am Sunny Carvalho. My address is www.SunnyCarvalho.Blogspot.com

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